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Many more serving, preaching, and ministering opportunities are open for students!
At Landmark Baptist College we believe not only in classroom learning, but also hands on experience in the ministry.

Nursing Home

Students are able to assist in the visitation of nursing homes. This can involve visiting with patients, as well as services being held in the nursing homes. Men will preach and lead singing, and ladies will help with special music and ministering to the patients. This is not required but an avenue of ministering and learning for students.

Senior Patriots

Senior Patriots is a ministry for the Senior Saints of Landmark Baptist Church. The head of the ministry is Bro. Mike Perkins and college students are able to get involved in help in several ways. Men often times will be asked to preach, lead singing, sing specials, and serve. Ladies often help with special music, serving food, as well as playing for the song service.

Rescue Missions

Vice President, Dr. Morgan, heads up our local rescue mission ministry. Several times every month students and church members are able to go to nearby missions. Men are often asked to preach, sing, and serve. Ladies that would like to go with a group will often provide special music for the service, and help with serving food after the service.

Prison/Jail Ministry

Bro. Danny Chamberland heads up our prison/jail ministry. Students have the opportunity to help out in this ministry in various ways. Every student that would like to be in the jail ministry will have to go through the proper paper work before assisting in this specific ministry. Dr. Gentry also helps getting students into jails to preach and share testimonies.

Sunday School

Second year students are often asked to help out in assisting church members in Sunday School Classes. This gives students hands on training alongside some of Landmark Baptist Church's faithful members.

Teen Church

Teen Church is led by Dr. James Verceles. Students that are asked to help in teen church will have the tremendous opportunity to work along side of church members in ministering to church and bus teens alike. Teen church takes place every Sunday Morning while the main service in the aduitorium is taking place in the 11 to 12 O'clock hour.

Junior Church

Junior Church is led by faithful members of Landmark Baptist Church. Students asked to help will assist, and learn under the leaders of Junior Church. They will have the amazing opportunity to impact the next generation, and minister to the children in junior church. Junior Church takes place every Sunday during the main service hour from 11 to 12 O'clock.

First Year Students

First year students are required to attend the college and career class which is led by Bro. Danny Chamberland.