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Soul Winning

Soul winning is the heartbeat of Landmark Baptist College, as it is with all of the ministries of Landmark Baptist Church. We don’t just teach soul winning and preach soul winning, we don’t just talk about how important it is to go soul winning, we go soul winning! Students and staff alike are involved in the weekly soul winning and outreach ministries of Landmark Baptist Church and College, including bus ministry, men’s and ladies’ soul winning, church wide visitation, teen soul winning and college soul winning. The college’s annual Soul Winning Marathon, where we spend the better part of a week working with another local church, knocking on doors, winning souls all day, every day, for several days, is for most of our students the highlight of the college year. If winning souls to Christ is your passion, come and join us and see what the excitement is all about.


Dr. Bill Bradley

Personal Evangelism Professor