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Directed Studies

The Perfect Program for You!

Are you a pastor or full-time christian worker? Are you employed but have always wanted to attend Bible College? Would you like to earn a Bible College degree but can’t leave your ministry or family? The Directed Studies Program has been designed for the self-motivated student who desires to receive a Bible college education but isn’t able to attend classes on campus at Landmark Baptist College. Although nothing can take the place of being in the classroom, LBC has developed the most efficient and practical distance learning program possible. The DS Program is for:

Full-Time Christian Workers, Homeschool Graduates, Actively Employed Military, Personnel Busy Christians.

Bringing Traditional Bible
College Courses to You!

By the recording of actual classes, each student is taught by the same professors, with the same textbooks, and take the same exams as our on-campus students. Through the use of actual professors on video and in-field test proctors, your work earns college credits rather than correspondence credits. Degrees are conferred at Landmark Baptist College, Haines City, Florida. Each Directed Studies course is taken oneat-a-time at the convenience of the student. Our courses are sent to you on a USB flash drive, and are therefore not dependent upon internet availability.
Tests and quizzes are administered by an LBC approved test proctor in the student’s local church (pastor or appointed staff member). Each student is given 4 months (undergraduate) or 6 months (graduate) to complete the class and course requirements.

Finish Your Bachelors!

Have you already started on your Bachelors degree at another college or university and would like to complete it? The DS Program allows you to transfer credits from your previous college-level education and finish your degree with Landmark Baptist College. Even if you have never taken college courses, you can complete your degree from start to finish through the Directed Studies Program.

Earn A Masters or Doctorate!

Do you already have a Bachelors degree but would like to further your education? With the Directed Studies Program, you can eam your Masters or continue on to a Doctorate without leaving your church and the ministries you are involved in. We understand that most people working on a graduate degree are busy in the ministry. Most can’t give up the time needed to attend Bible College. The Directed Studies Program offers a way to fulfill your responsibilities at your church and earn a graduate degree at the same time.

Get Started Right Away!

1) Apply to Landmark Baptist College
Directed Studies students must be accepted as students to Landmark Baptist College. An application packet may be obtained through our website, or through the mail upon request. Indicate that you are applying to the Directed Studies Program on your application.

2) Register and Pay for your First Course
Once accepted, you will be notified and will have the opportunity to register for your first course. Upon registering, you will also be required to submit the information of your designated test proctor, usually your pastor.

3) Get to Work earning Your Degree!
After registration and payment, you will be sent all course materials, textbooks, and a USB flash drive containing your videos. Undergraduate students have four months to complete all class requirements. An additional two months are given for graduate students or those enrolled in a full-time semester.


3-credit-hour course $315

2-credit-hour course $225

Full-Time Student Semester $1620 (Full-time student upon approval, Payment may be paid in 3 equal payments)


50% Full-Time-Ministry Discount

Graduate Discount @ $50/class

With any questions please contact us @ 863-422-6493