Directed Study Programs Through Distance Learning

The Directed Study program has been designed for the self-motivated, mature student who desires to complete his degree and cannot attend classes on campus at Landmark Baptist College. The DS program allows the full-time Christian worker, the actively employed, the military personnel currently serving in the armed forces, and the busy Christian to receive a fundamental Bible college education. Although nothing can take the place of being in the classroom, LBC has developed the most efficient and practical correspondence program possible.

Landmark Baptist College brings traditional college courses to you on DVD. Each student is taught by the same professors, textbooks, materials, and exams used at the Haines City Campus via the recording of actual classes. Through the use of actual professors on DVD and in-field test proctors, your work earns college credits rather than correspondence credits. Degrees are conferred at Landmark Baptist College, Haines City, Florida.

Each Directed Studies course is taken one-at-a-time at the convenience of the student. Tests and quizzes are administered by a Landmark-approved test proctor in the student’s local church. Each student is given four to six months to complete the class and course requirements, upon which the course DVDs are returned.


Most undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by Landmark Baptist College are available through the Directed Studies Program.

Full-time Student Packages are available to students who wish to take a full-time course load of 12-18 credit hours. Each package is catered to the student’s degree and allows the student to finish a degree in a more timely manner. Directed Study semesters do not have to coincide with the on-campus schedule. Full-time student semesters are not available for graduate studies.



Directed Study Centers are held in a local, fundamental church under the supervision of the pastor/designee. This group study creates a learning environment and interaction with subject matter involving students that is similar to attending the Haines City campus. Any local, fundamental church pastor who is in agreement with the tenets and practices of Landmark Baptist Church and College may inquire and qualify for starting a Group Directed Study Program. A church must have at least five students to qualify as a Group Directed Study Center.



The Directed Studies Program also offers Pastoral Refresher Courses, Layman Courses, and a One- or Two-Year Bible Certificate. The Christian Soldier Program offers a considerable discount to those currently serving in the military. Please contact Landmark Baptist College for more information.


• All directed study students must complete the entire application process and be officially accepted by the college prior to registering for their first course of study. Upon acceptance, a list of available Directed Study courses and a registration form will be sent to the student.

• Full payment is required at time of registration. The student must also submit the name and address of a test proctor, normally his pastor, who will administer the tests. Landmark Baptist College reserves the right to offer substitutions for classes not available at time of registration.

• After registration, course materials, textbooks, and DVDs/videos are sent to the student to begin the course. The student’s proctor will receive a test packet with the tests and quizzes, instructions, and pre-stamped envelopes to send the completed material for grading.

• Upon completion of the class, all course requirements and class DVDs are sent back to Landmark Baptist College.

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