Please use the following checklist for submitting your application to Landmark Baptist College’s Directed Studies Program.


    Step 1

  1. All directed study students of Landmark Baptist College must complete the entire application process and be officially accepted by the college prior to registering for their first course of study. A list of available Directed Study courses will then be sent to the student, along with various other information. Landmark Baptist College reserves the right to offer substitution for classes not available.
  2. Step 2

  3. Students must make payment for each directed study course before taking the course.
  4. Step 3

  5. Students must send payments in full along with the course registration form. Individual Directed Study students studying in their homes must send the name and address of a test proctor, normally their pastor or someone approved by their pastor. The test proctor will receive a test packet with instructions and pre-addressed envelopes with return postage.
  6. Step 4

  7. Upon completion of the class, please send in the remaining test and or papers with all DVDs to Landmark Baptist College. Students may register for the next class by completing a registration form and sending it in along with payment to Landmark Baptist College.


*Those students outside the Continental USA must pay all return postage costs incurred, including the test proctor’s, and may have to allow extra time before starting courses due to delays caused by shipping, customs processing, etc.