Full-Time Students

  • Tuition (per credit hour over 18) $100

Part-Time Students

  • Tuition (per credit under 12) $100
  • Audit (per credit hour) $20

Summer Session

  • Tuition (12-18 credit hours) $1,600

Dormitory Fee (Room Only)

  • Dormitory Fee per semester $600
  • Interim/Summer Session Dormitory Fee (per week) $40

Additional Fees (Non-refundable)

  • Application $50
  • Part-time Students Registration Fee $125
  • Full-time Summer Session Registration Fee $125
  • Part-time Summer Session Registration Fee $75
  • Late Registration (after 12:00pm of Registration day) $25
  • Add/Drop a course $5
  • Transcript Request (first copy after graduation is free) $5
  • Program Evaluation Fee (applicable to ELCs and transfers only) $50
  • Soul Winning Marathon Fee (per semester) $100
  • Vehicle Registration $10
  • Graduation Fee (second semester seniors) $200
  • Lost Key $25
  • Transportation to or from Haines City (per trip) $25
  • Transportation to or from Orlando (per trip) $25
  • Activity Fee $20

Average Total Cost per Semester…………………………………………………. $2,500

Terms of Payment

A student’s account must be paid up-to-date before he may take mid-terms or final exams, graduate, and/or receive grades, reports, and/or transcripts. It is understood that these terms are accepted as part of the contract by the student and his parent or guardian when he makes application for admission and is accepted as a student at Landmark Baptist College. Landmark Baptist College costs are subject to change without notice.

Joint Spouse Program

The wife of any full-time student will not be charged tuition to take classes. All normal fees will apply at the full rate. For further details, please contact the Academic Affairs Office.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Any student who does not cancel his reservation at least one week before the formal beginning of the semester for which he is enrolled must pay 20% of the full semester’s tuition within thirty (30) days. After a student has enrolled in the college, any action that would cause the student to leave the college before routine completion of the semester (voluntary or involuntary) will be considered a withdrawal.

To withdraw from the college with official approval, a student must have a withdrawal form properly executed by the Dean of Students. A student whose withdrawal is officially approved before the end of the first four weeks of the semester will be refunded fees and tuition according to the following schedule:

During the first week 80%

During the second week 60%

During the third week 40%

During the fourth week 20%

After four weeks No refund

A student is entitled to a full refund of tuition prior to commencement of instruction if the student submits a written request to the college and he never attends class. A dormitory student is required to pay the necessary dormitory fee at a pro-rated amount based on the length of his stay.

Whenever a student’s status is changed to “withdrawal” and the student owes money to the college, the money is due upon withdrawal. The student will not be allowed to return to LBC until all past bills are paid. No transcripts or other records will be released until all bills are paid.

Should a student leave the college for any reason after having paid more than the amounts outlined above, a refund is made to him for any overpayment. No other refund is made to a student for any other reason. No refunds are issued on a student’s account until after the third week of school has been completed.