This line of study is designed to teach skills that will prove helpful in the life of a preacher such as planting a church, starting a bus ministry or personal evangelism.

PT-100 Personal Evangelism

PT-101 Marriage and the Family

PT-102 Personal Money Management

PT-103 Etiquette

PT-201 Bus Ministry

PT-202 Youth Ministry

PT-203 Christian Womanhood

PT-204 Christian Camping

PT-301 Sunday School

Pt-302 Seniors Ministry

PT-303 Church Planting

PT-304 Christian Ethics

PT-305 Biblical Counseling

PT-400, 401 Speech

PT-402 Homiletics

PT-403 Practice Preaching

PT-404 Pastoral Theology

PT-405 Church Administration

PT-406 Church Finance

PT-407 The Second Man

PT-408 Spiritual Leadership