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Date Title Speaker Text
Pre-Trip Rapture Series
12/14/2017 What Will You Be Remembered For? Bro. Maness Malachi 3:16 Listen
12/12/2017 Not to be Ministered Unto but to Minister Dr. Pitts Matthew 20:25-28 Listen
12/11/2017 What Happened to Peter Dr. Bradley Luke 22:31 Listen
12/08/2017 Testimony Bro. Garroway Listen
12/07/2017 Liar! Liar! God is Limited Because You are Not on Fire! Bro. Parsons Listen
12/01/2017 Why Does God Use Some Men Differently? Bro. Rusty Riggs Acts 10 Listen
11/30/2017 Extraordinary Christianity Bro. Setser Philippians 2 Listen
11/28/2017 The Three C's Dr. Nixon Listen
11/17/2017 Getting Ready for the Battle Bro. Hester Deut. 20:1-11 Listen
11/03/2017 When God Shows Up Bro. Mike Perkins Acts 2 Listen
11/02/2017 Counsel Bro. Messersmith Psalm 1 Listen
10/31/2017 Why did the Servants Serve? Bro. Tim Maness 2 Samuel 15:1-15 Listen
10/27/2017 An Excellent Lifestyle Bro. Hodges Ephesians 2:1-3 Listen
10/26/2017 Repentance Bro. Kevin Hart Joel 2:1-17 Listen
10/24/2017 God Really Wants You Bro. Daniel Cox Genesis 22:1-14 Listen
10/20/2017 Where are you sitting? Bro. Parsons Revelation 3 Listen
10/19/2017 The Saving of a City Bro. Sebast Genesis 18:22 Listen
10/17/2017 The Way of Balaam Bro. Jim Morgan Numbers 31 Listen
10/13/2017 Obedience and Soul winning Dr. King Genesis 17:11 Listen
10/12/2017 Build the Wall Bro. Larry Branham Nehemiah 4:1-15 Listen
10/10/2017 Qualifications of a Pastor Bro. Jeremiah Morgan 1 Tim. 2:1-7; Tit. 1:7-9 Listen
10/05/2017 I Will Bless Thee Bro. Dignan Psalm 145:1-5 Listen
09/26/2017 Haystack Prayer Meeting Dr. Donahue James 5:16 Listen
09/22/2017 I Dare You to be Great Dr. Scotty Drake Listen
09/21/2017 Rend Your Heart and Not Your Garments Dr. Ossewardee Joel 2:13 Listen
09/19/2017 Bro. Perkins Bro. Perkins Acts Listen
09/07/2017 Are You Too Strong for God? Bro. Morton 2 Chronicles 26:1 Listen
09/07/2017 Too Strong For God Bro. Morton Listen
09/05/2017 How to Finish Dr. Phil Pitts Genesis 2:1 Listen
09/05/2017 (Student Body Revival) If My People Bro. Doug Carrigher 2 Chronicles 7:14 Listen
09/01/2017 The Word Became Flesh Dr. Bill Bradley John 1:1-14 Listen
08/31/2017 True Discipleship Bro. Adam Kruze John 15:1-14 Listen
08/29/2017 The Will of God Bro. Daniel Cox Acts 9 Listen
08/25/2017 From Rags to Riches Dr. Carter II Corinthians 8:9 Listen