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Date Title Speaker Text
05/12/2017 The Purpose for Preaching Dr. Bill Bradley Nehemiah 8:1-10 Listen
05/09/2017 The Marks of the Ungodly Bro. Jeremiah Morgan Psalm 1:1-6 Listen
05/04/2017 An Un-holy Union Bro. Bob Ossewaarde I Corinthians 10:1-13 Listen
05/02/2017 What Will You Do With Your Influence Bro. Matthew Quitter Daniel 4:37; 6:16 Listen
05/02/2017 Questioning the Word of God - preached Dec. 18, 2008 Dr. Carter Genesis 3:1-6 & I Timothy 2:14 Listen
04/28/2017 Some Things We Should Know Bro. Glenn Higgins I Cor 3:16-23 Listen
04/27/2017 God's Will and Missions Dr. Gene Burge Acts 16 Listen
04/25/2017 God's Guidance Bro. Donahue Psalm 32:1-8 Listen
04/21/2017 Peter Tim Hawkins Matthew 26 Listen
04/18/2017 How to Focus on Things Not Seen Dr. Phil Pitts II Corinthians 4:18 Listen
04/13/2017 What Has God Put in Your Heart Bro. Daniel Cox Gen 37:1-11 Listen
04/13/2017 Salvation Testimony (College Days) Pastor Carter II Corinthians 8:9 Listen
04/11/2017 A Light Thing Bro Mike Case Isaiah 49:1-6 Listen
04/07/2017 The Best is Yet to Come Bro Setser Math 5:1-11 Listen
03/31/2017 How to Get Your Prayers Answered How to Get Your Prayers Answered James 5:16 Listen
03/30/2017 Ammnon Had a Friend: Or Did He? Dr. Bradley II Samuel 13:1-29 Listen
03/28/2017 What You Plant Tends to Grow Bro. Barry Parsons Galatians 6: Listen
03/17/2017 Get Out of Moab Bro. Tim Maness Ruth 1:1 Listen
03/13/2017 In Christ's Stead Dr. Carter II Cor 5:18-20 Listen
03/10/2017 What the Terrorist Had We Need Bro. Kevin Walker Eph 5:14 Listen
03/09/2017 Let's Go Huntin' Bro. Kevin Walker Luke 14:23 Listen
03/08/2017 The Joys of Soulwinning Bro. Kevin Walker Psalms 126:1-6 Listen
03/07/2017 Being Beside Yourself Bro. Barry Parsons II Corinthians 5:6-9 Listen
03/03/2017 After All This Bro. Colon Morton II Chronicles 34:1-7 Listen
03/02/2017 "When the Lord Works" Bro. Larry Branham I Samuel 14 Listen
02/24/2017 Staying Separated in a Connected World Part 2 Bro. Scott Hester II Corinthians 6:14 Listen
02/23/2017 Staying Separated in a Connected World Part 1 Bro Scott Hester II Corinthians 6:14 Listen
02/17/2017 A Different Path to Apostleship Bro. Robido I Corinthians 15:1-10 Listen
02/16/2017 Soulwinning Bro. Hodges Listen
02/14/2017 Love the Lord Thy God With All Thy Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength Bro. Mike Perkins Listen
02/10/2017 "Don't settle for a homecooked steak " Bro. Charly Revelation 3:14-15 Listen
02/09/2017 Sin Bro. Brian McBride Proverbs 7&21:9&25:4 Listen
02/07/2017 Take Unto You The Whole Armour of God Bro. Bob Ossewaarde Eph 6:12-13 Listen
02/03/2017 This Was Your Life Bro. Strange Romans 14 Listen
02/02/2017 "How to Be a Finisher" Dr. Phil Pitts Genesis 2:1 Listen
01/31/2017 "Insecurity and Inability " Bro. Daniel Cox Exodus 3:1-14 Listen
01/27/2017 The Sermon in Abrahams Service Dr. Scott Caudill Genesis 18:1-8 Listen
01/20/2017 Team Bro. Tony Elmore I Corinthians 12:12 Listen
01/17/2017 Salvation is by Faith Bro. Mike Case Listen
01/13/2017 When Worship Fails Bro. Mike James 4:1-12 Listen
01/12/2017 No More Tears Dr. Bill Bradley Rev 21:1- Listen
01/10/2017 Arise Let Us Go Hence Bro. Tim Maness John 14:30-31 Listen
01/06/2017 Ye Did Run Well Bro. Barry Parsons Galatians 5:7 Listen