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Date Title Speaker Text
12/16/2016 Sin Always Comes Out Pastor Carter Genesis 4:9 Listen
12/15/2016 Get Stirred Up For The Lord Bro Barry Parsons Haggai 1 Listen
12/13/2016 Three Things To Do On Christmas Break Dr. Bill Bradley I Corinthians 13:11 Listen
12/12/2016 Casual, Convenient Christianity Dr. Phil Pitts Matthew 5:38-42 Listen
12/08/2016 The Love of Christ Constrains Us Bro. Tim Maness II Corinthians 5:14 Listen
12/06/2016 Joseph a Type of Christ Bro. Daniel Cox Genesis 41:37-57 Listen
12/02/2016 My Testimony Bro. Barry Parsons II Timothy 2:??? Listen
12/01/2016 It's not About Us It's What Christ Does Through Us Bro. Mike Perkins I Cor 12:12-18 Listen
11/29/2016 Godliness Bro. Stockton I Timothy 3:16 Listen
11/18/2016 A Homebuilder for Jesus Bro. Smart I Corinthians 3:9-11 Listen
11/15/2016 Not Everyone Has Caved In Bro Rex Carringer Romans 11:1-5 Listen
11/11/2016 Keeping Truth Bro. Thompson Isaiah 59:14; I Timothy 6:20-21 Listen
11/10/2016 Some History Lessons Bro. Tim Maness Luke 4:16-30 Listen
11/01/2016 The Reality of Discipleship Bro. Mike Blaire Listen
10/28/2016 A Message of Encouragement Frank Kelley Judges 7 Listen
10/25/2016 Maintaining Your Independence Bro. Daniel Cox Psalm 139:14 Listen
10/21/2016 Good Has Plan for You Bro. Rusty Riggs Jeremiah 29:11 Listen
10/20/2016 The Necessity of Brokenness Bro. Bill Bradley Psalm 34:18 Listen
10/18/2016 I Beseech You Therefore Brethren Bro. Aaron Pratt Romans 12:1 Listen
09/30/2016 Don't Quit Jesus is Coming Bro. Sean Wyland Luke 5:1-10 Listen
09/29/2016 The Recipe for Revival Bro. Terry Donohue Acts 4:31 Listen
09/23/2016 Digging Out of the Depths of Depression Bro. Larry Hobbes I Kings 19:1 Listen
09/22/2016 Revival Bro. Scotty Drake Exodus 11:6 Listen
09/20/2016 Wrath, Fierceness and Anger Bro. Bob Ossewaarde Psalms 85:2-4 Listen
09/16/2016 I've Got a Different Daddy Bro. Bryan Gentry John 8:44 Listen
09/15/2016 To Whom Shall We Go? Bro. Jeremiah Morgan John 6:66-69 Listen
09/13/2016 Watch This Bro. Tim Maness mark 2:1-10 Listen
09/09/2016 Ripping the Roof Off Bro. Barry Parsons Mark 2:4 Listen
09/09/2016 Keys to God Judgement Bro. Glenn Riggs Genesis 39:1-12 Listen
09/08/2016 What Kind of People Does Good Use (student body revival) Bro. Glenn Riggs Mark 1:16-20 Listen
09/02/2016 Success Dr. Phil Pitts Joshua 1:8 Listen
09/01/2016 God Wanted to Dwell with You Dr. Bill Bradley Exodus 25:1-9 Listen
08/30/2016 Seek the Lord While He Can Be Found Bro. Daniel Cox Isaiah 55:6 Psalm 27:8 Listen
08/26/2016 The Biggest Fool in Town Dr. Mickey Carter Proverbs 12:15 Listen
12/31/1969 Don't Get Stumped Bro Jeremiah Morgan Daniel 4 Listen