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Date Title Speaker Text
05/09/2016 The Two Altars Bro. Mannes Judges 6:11-24 Listen
05/05/2016 Ministering to Children Bro. Jeremiah Morgan Mark 10:13 Listen
05/03/2016 The Best Is Yet to Come Bro. Cox Haggai 2:1-9 Listen
04/26/2016 Abraham: a Picture of the Gospel Bro. Tom McGurt Genesis 22:1 Listen
04/22/2016 Reasons Why Judas Could Not Have Gone to Hell For Bro. Riggs Matthew 27:3 Listen
04/21/2016 Coming Out of Your Cave Bro. Hawkins I Kings 19:9 Listen
04/20/2016 Jesus: the Amen Bro. Jim Morgan Revelation 3:14 Listen
04/18/2016 Working for the King Bro. Johnson Nehemiah 1 Listen
04/08/2016 Don't Lose Your Moxy for the Lord Bro. Parsons Isaiah 40:28 Listen
04/07/2016 When God Strikes Gold Bro. Michael Blair Job 23 Listen
04/05/2016 What Really Matters Bro. Mike Carringer Mark 1:9 Listen
04/01/2016 How to Do Great Things for God Bro. Tom Sextant Romans 1:1 Listen
03/31/2016 Doubting Thomas Bro. Strange John 20:19 Listen
03/31/2016 Ambassadors for Christ Dr. Carter II Corinthians 5:17 Listen
03/30/2016 Missions and the Call of God Bro. Burge Acts 16:6 Listen
03/29/2016 What Made Them Believe? Bro. Cox Jonah 3:1 Listen
03/14/2016 Remember What We are Doing SWM Bro. Parsons I Thessalonians 5:1 Listen
03/11/2016 Sowing the Seed Dr. Carter Mathew 13:1-23 Listen
03/10/2016 Forgiveness Bro. Nance Philemon 8 Listen
03/09/2016 Things You Will Face if You Live for God Bro. Hopkins Nehemiah 3 Listen
03/08/2016 Laboring Togeher Bro. Hopkins Nehemiah 3 Listen
03/03/2016 - Bro. Branham Jeremaih 4:4 Listen
02/26/2016 Our Great High Priest Bro. Hobbes Hebrews 4:14 Listen
02/25/2016 Moses' Example Bro. Ossewaarde Acts 7:20 Listen
02/23/2016 As to the Lord Bro. Morgan Colossians 3:22 Listen
02/19/2016 Legal Counsel Bro. Robido Listen
02/12/2016 Watch Out Your Concrete is Drying Bro. Parsons Job 38:38 Listen
02/11/2016 Why We Need the Word of God in Our Life Bro. Krackenfels I Timothy 4:13 Listen
02/09/2016 Jesus Christ: Our City of Refuge Bro. Cox Joshua 20:1 Listen
02/04/2016 Good is With Us in Our Only Time Bro. McBride II Timothy 4:1-11 Listen
02/02/2016 Things We Have Neglected Bro. Maness Acts 26 Listen
01/22/2016 We do not Live on the Mountain but We Can Have Victory in the Valley Bro. Nance Mark 9:2 Listen
01/21/2016 An Investment has Been Made Bro. Brent Wittle Genesis 31:3 Listen
01/19/2016 Confessing Sin Bro. Quitter Genesis 31:3 Listen
01/15/2016 Giving God Control of Your Life Bro. Parker Genesis 32:24-30 Listen
01/14/2016 A Life That Counts Bro. Donohue John 15:7-11 Listen
01/12/2016 Wilt Thou Not Revive Us Again Bro. Lancaster Psalm 85:1 Listen
01/08/2016 Character Dr. Carter Esther 3:1 Listen
01/07/2016 Arm Yourself Bro. Parsons I Peter 4:1 Listen