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Date Title Speaker Text
12/17/2015 Steps Toward Denying Christ Dr. Bradley LUke 22:31 Listen
12/16/2015 Don't Give Up Bro. Parsons Luke 19:1 Listen
12/15/2015 A Look at John 3:16 Bro. Maness John 3:16 Listen
12/14/2015 Christmas Through a Shepherds Eyes Pitts Luke 2:1 Listen
12/11/2015 The Good News Drake Matthew 1:20 Listen
12/10/2015 Would God Give You A Great Ministry Smart Matthew 3:1-9 Listen
12/08/2015 The Seed of Woman Cox Luke 1:26 Listen
12/04/2015 How to Treat People Who are Broken Ossawaarde Matthew 9:10 Listen
12/03/2015 A Double Portion Skelley II Kings 2 Listen
12/01/2015 What Happens When We Try to do Right in the Wrong Way Carringer I Chronicles 13:9 Listen
11/19/2015 Strengthen My Hands Branham Nehemiah 6:1 Listen
11/17/2015 ; Keisk Listen
11/13/2015 Steps of Preparation Hester 1 Kings 17:5 Listen
11/12/2015 What are You Doing Here Gentry 1 Kings 19:8 Listen
11/10/2015 It Pays to Stay Cox Ruth 1 Listen
11/06/2015 Having a Bad Day Williams 1 Samuel 29:1 Listen
11/05/2015 Why Does God Allow the Innocent to Suffer Iscus, John Ezekiel 28:12 Listen
11/03/2015 Am I a Spiritual Leper? Maness Leviticus 13:42 Listen
10/30/2015 The Beatitudes pt2 Carragher Matthew 5:7-12 Listen
10/29/2015 The Beatitudes Carragher Matthew 5:7-12 Listen
10/27/2015 Knowing What God Wants for Our Lives and Limiting what God Wants for Our Lives Carragher Matthew 5:1-3 Listen
10/22/2015 When Was Jesus About to Pass By Dropps, Jared John 6:14-21 Listen
10/20/2015 How to be Blessed of God Pitts Ephesians 5:10 Listen
10/15/2015 Hope to Get Back to the First Works Harris James 3:13 Listen
10/13/2015 We Need to Get Busy for God Perkins, Michael Jeremiah 2 Listen
10/09/2015 Just Stand Stanley, Chad Daniel 3 Listen
10/08/2015 The Effects of the Glorious Gospel Campbell 1 Timothy 1:15 Listen
10/06/2015 Shame Shame Shame Cox 1 Corinthans 15:34 Listen
10/02/2015 I Don't Want to Die Until I Have Done Enough Bradley Isaiah 41:8 Listen
10/01/2015 The Will of God Parsons Hebrews 10:35 Listen
09/29/2015 Ye Have an Uncion Branham 1 John 2:1 Listen
09/25/2015 Mephibosheth: a Picture of Gods Grace Hobbs 2 Samuel 1:9 Listen
09/24/2015 Getting Serious About Problem Solving Miller Acts 11:1 Listen
09/22/2015 Growth Through Resistance Creal James 4:7 Listen
09/18/2015 The Trials and The Triumphs of The Ministry Clark, Tim II Corinthians 4:1 Listen
09/17/2015 Keep Going Clark, Tim II Samuel 23:9 Listen
09/15/2015 The Place to Be Jarvas Ruth Listen
09/11/2015 What We Are in The Lord Pautz Romans 8:16 Listen
09/11/2015 I'll Take The Old Highway Parsons Proverbs 16:19 Listen
09/10/2015 Be Sure of Your Salvation Ware, Steve Hebrews 10:9 Listen
09/10/2015 SBR We Are Deptor Parsons Romans 1:13 Listen
09/08/2015 Four Wrong Views of God Cox Zephania 1:1 Listen
09/08/2015 How to Have Revival Parsons Listen
09/04/2015 Stepping Into The Court Maness Esther 5:1 Listen
09/03/2015 Building Up Walls Pitts Prov 25:6 Listen
09/01/2015 Who is That God That Will Deliver You Parsons Daniel 3:15 Listen